Thursday, 27 December 2012

Malaysian Blue Worms - Perionyx Excavatus

The blue worms or perionyx excavatus orginal home stretches from the Himalaya Mountains into the lowlands of Malaysia. Till today, some are still debating whether there are some in Singapore. Nevertheless, these worms are more commonly know as the Malaysian Blue Worms. They operate efficiently in a fairly wide range of warm temperatures and moisture levels.

Having know that they orignate from Malaysia, they are more suited for the tropical climate. They prefer very moist conditions and often seek for dark areas. In Malaysia, they have been found in jungle treetops during tropical downpours. They are mostly happy to stay in the worm beds, where there is ample of food, and trust me they breed like crazy. I personally have found them to be a very versatile worm and the most valuable type to me. If you are looking to have the fastest breeding rate, try the blue worms for yourself.  Do note that when well fed and given loads of love, they will reciprocate by breeding a tonne for you :)

The blue worms display four distinct type of colours at different stages of sexual maturity. They also display a fifth type of colour when approaching full body size. Once the perionyx excavatus reach a length of about 7.5cm. they begin to phosphoresce a deep blue/purple on exposure to light. This is why they are called the blue worms and not because they are blue in colour. As their size continue to increase, so does their degree of phosphoresce so that at their full size (15 cm contracted and 20 cm stretched out) they flash a regal purple. They are really beautiful.

Besides great composters, they are also often used as fishing bait. This is because when hooked, the blue worms will be flipping about on the hook and thus attract attention. Give it a try today!

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