Thursday, 1 December 2011

Worm Diet

How do we keep our worms happy and healthy? The saying goes, "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away" but in this case, " An apple a day, keeps a worm happy :)"

One of the most common misconceptions are that compost worms are able to compost any organic material. This is however not true because worms, just like us humans, are also living beings and their diet must be carefully taken care.

I normally feed my worms vegetables and fruit peels. This is by far the best way to keep them alive and happy! Vegetable left overs are an excellent diet for the blue worms as they do not attract fruit flies. Almost all vegetables are suitable for the worms. Tubers such as onions and garlic,however, are not suitable to be fed to the worms

Fruits on the other hand, is otherwise. Acidic fruits such as orange peels, pineapples, lemon and etc are a big no no for the worms. This is because worms dislike them and will not compost the above. Apples is a good choice and trust me, the worms love the apple cores the best. Watermelons on the other hand, provide a good amount of water content in the worm bin.

Other daily wastes such as coffee grinds and tea bags are also suitable to be fed to the worms. Coffee grinds however must be left isolated for a week or more for the alkaline content to be reduced. Cooked and oily food should be avoided at all means. This is because the worms do not compost the cooked food and it will most likely kill them. Besides that, feeding cooked food to the worms encourages maggots and other pest. This will also make the food rot and eventually emitted a very foul smell. You probably don't want your backyard to stink!

Remember, a happy worm is a happy you ;)

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